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Private Music Instruction

Voice / Piano / Ukulele / General Music / Music Theory


Pam W.

Mr. Akim has been teaching my 6 yr old grandson Piano for over a year. HE IS FANTASTIC…I can only give Mr. Akim the greatest of accolades for his patience, knowledge and skills. You see as a grandparent,  I’m biased in thinking my grandson is the next “Mozart”.  Mr. Akim’s teaching methods has helped me realize that I’m right, lol!!!

Seriously, I never thought a 6 year could learn piano virtually. But, it is happening and I’m truly grateful and pleased with the outcome!!!

Noah N.

Mr Akim has not only been incredibly patient with my son, but my son has grown leaps and bounds under his tutelage. Mr. Akim adjust his lessons and his methods to the student, which has proven very valuable to us. He does a good job of leveraging his knowledge of education to tailor lesson plans and adapt them to my son. I couldn’t recommend Mr. Akim highly enough!

Suzie M.

Akim Mansaray came to my granddaughter with an enthusiasm and joy for music.  In working slow and easy, he began to see her capabilities. Once discovering what her voice could do, he pulled out a voice that startled me. I had no idea she had it in her, but he did. His own excitement for his art is contagious! My granddaughter will forever be the benefactor of his expertise.

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