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Akim Sembu Mansaray

 Akim Sembu Mansaray is a public & private school music educator, researcher, song-writer, and podcast host based in Richmond, Virginia. He graduated from Longwood University in 2019 with a BM in Choral Music Education. In 2022, he graduated from Radford University with a Masters of Science in Curriculum and Instruction (Gifted Education), and from Longwood University with his MBA in Data Analytics. Akim's musical journey has found him in the roles of an educator, conductor, accompanist, and arranger.      


 Akim believes that the more he learns, the more he can share with his students, colleagues, and those wishing to express themselves in music. His studies and experiences have led to him gaining knowledge in areas such as music performance assessment, cross-curricular lesson plan creation, and how to incorporate rigor and complexity to aid the development of gifted musical students.  

 While voice is his primary instrument, he has a deep admiration for all instruments and enjoys teaching students the joys of the ukulele and piano. He has worked with students from as young as  4 years-old to as old as 50, to help them discover the musician within themselves. Akim believes that anyone of any age or any background possesses the ability to rise to musical excellence. This is achieved by instruction centered on:

1) Student interests and appeal

2) Creating a safe environment for mistakes and great learning moments

3) Standards based private music instruction that builds upon students' knowledge from their own public school music classroom and outside experiences. 

4) Developing musical literacy in all students to foster musical independence 


 Akim is excited to assist you on your musical journey and the discovery of your own unique musicianship!

Velvet Kove

Velvet Kove is a multi-media artist who graduated Magna Cum Laude from VCU with a BFA in Theatre Performance. As lead designer for Sembu Sounds she is in charge of audio production, website design, and promotional services (photography, videography, and promotional design.)  She is also currently the lead designer for SHEESH, a local production company, and a part of a NYC based artist collective, goodstuff. 

Looking for brand enhancements/consultations? 

Contact Velvet Kove for pricing on website development, promotional services (videography, photography,) and/or audio production!

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